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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Briefing on ASEAN Quiz

This morning at 9.00 a.m., our schooL heLd a meeting to discuss about the ASEAN quiz competition which wiLL be heLd in JuLy...As we had discussed,the date is not confirmed yet, but participating schooLs wiLL be notified Later...However, by the time this bLog is made, we had agreed that this competition wiLL commence on the 8th JULY 2009 (WEDNESDAY).

Each schooL shouLd submit 10 questions which incLude 1 question from each country. The questions shouLd be:

  • MCQ (muLtipLe-choice Questions)
  • not too difficuLt for the pupiLs
  • generaL knowLedge
  • submit by 10th JUNE 2009 via emaiL to (wafizah.ibrahim@srrambai.moe.edu.bn) or softcopy to the pigeon hoLe

ALL participating schooLs are reQuired to bring MacBook during the competition..It is advisabLe that teachers provide mouse for the MacBook so it'LL be convenient for the pupiLs during the Quiz session...

ShouLd there be any questions, you may repLy to this bLog....