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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Fire DriLL with Fire & Rescue Department

Last 24th ApriL 2010, with the heLp of the Fire and Rescue Department, we heLd the fire driLL program...the previous post was just a gimmick of what actuaLLy happened on that day...these are some of the photos taken after the fire driLL...
*the rest wiLL be upLoaded soon...more to come..*

Monday, 26 April 2010


Panic!! Panic!! Fire broke out from the ICT Lab.....

Story wiLL be continued..........................

FutsaL Briefing

Briefing for FutsaL Championship for Tutong II Primary SchooLs were held on the 22nd ApriL 2010 conducted by JPKK..

Motivaton taLk for parents

Motivation taLk by Cg Hj Shahdani bin Haji Asmat on the 17th ApriL 2010 for PPS Project..

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

FinaL Badminton Tournament

On the 8th ApriL 2010, our girLs' team competed in the FinaL Badminton Competition for Primary SchooLs conducted by SekoLah Rendah Layong Tutong II at Tutong Sports CompLex...
ALthough we didn't manage to win both singLe and doubLe category, but we stiLL won siLver in the tournament...And the third for our boys' singLe...
CongratuLations to Nur Shaheerah (girLs' singLe), NuruL Farhanah and Masherra Arnizan (girLs' doubLe) and Sharime (boys' singLe)...

Monday, 5 April 2010

PTA Meeting

First PTA 2010/2012 session meeting was held Last Saturday with the agenda to demolish the previous committee and to select new committee members..Cikgu Sufian, the chairperson of the PTA 2008/2010 session started the speech and with the discussion among the attendees, to elect new PTA 2010/2012 session committee members..

The new elected PTA 2010/2012 session committee members are:
1. Cikgu Zamaliah binti Ukoi as the new chairperson
2. Ustazah Hajah Fauziah as the new chairperson II
3. Cikgu Fauziah binti Timbang as the new secretary
4. Awang Layak bin Lakim as the new secretary II
5. Ustazah Laguna binti Haji Suhaili as the new treasurer
6. Awang Narawi bin Yahya as the new treasurer II

Saturday, 3 April 2010


It has been a while since we updated our school blog..
Some activities we had that haven’t been updated in this bLog are:
1.Hosting the Mathematics Power Point Presentation (first round) at SchooLs Department (JSS)

2.First term school activities cum Prophet Muhammad’s birthday and National Day celebrations

3. SchooL visit to the HeaLth GaLLery

4..Co-hosting the Final ICT Mathematics Project Presentation with SekoLah Rendah Abdul Rashid Tanjong Maya and SekoLah Rendah Bukit UdaL Tutong