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Monday, 8 March 2010

Today's bLog

First of aLL, AssaLamuaLaikum and a happy good Monday morning to aLL our bLog readers..It has been a whiLe since we Last updated our bLog due to the hectic duties..
Anyhow, here we go..
On the 1st and 2nd March, our 6 pupiLs participated in the Primary SchooLs Badminton Tournament for Tutong II.. Sharime participated in the boys’ singLe event, MashahruLnizam and Md Hamizan participated in the boys’ double event, Nur Shaheerah in the girLs’ singLe event, whiLe NuruL Farhanah and Masherra Arnizan participated in the girLs’ doubLe event...
CongratuLations to the girLs participants because they are QuaLified to compete in the finaL which wiLL be heLd after the schooL term hoLiday...
As for the netbaLL team, they competed in the first round on the 3rd March at SekoLah Rendah Muda Hashim Tutong’s fieLd..The team participated in the Primary SchooLs NetbaLL Competition for Tutong II.. They beat the teams from SekoLah Rendah Lubok PuLau and SekoLah Rendah Kampong Bukit, and were QuaLified to compete in the semi-finaL to beat SekoLah Rendah Benutan..However, our schooL did not manage to win against the opponent, and we Lost with one goaL versus six..No matter how, a big thumbs-up for the team, and the teachers too..
On Saturday Last week, the teachers were visited by some saLe promoters from a spa company..The objectives of this visit were to check the teachers’ heaLth LeveL – so that we are aware of our heaLth conditions – and for them to promote their heaLth products..
Today, 8th March, our pupiLs are having their first day for the First Assessment Test 2010.. We hope that our pupiLs are abLe to achieve the passing grades...Amin..