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Saturday, 30 January 2010

CoLouring Contest and New Curtains ;)

AssaLamuaLaikum and good morning *as this bLog is updated*...
Our schooL today experiences fLood, not seriousLy though, maybe due to the non-stop rainfaLL...However, morning assembLy stiLL went on as usuaL...After the morning assembLy, each pupiL was checked by the teachers for any symptoms of H1N1 and Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease..
EarLy this morning aLso, some workers were busy instaLLing the curtains and bLinds for the whoLe schooL...
Later at 8.00 a.m., we gathered the pupiLs in the haLL for the Vitasoy CoLouring Contest...
We hope some pupiLs from our schooL wouLd win the contest..Amin..