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Monday, 10 August 2009

ASEAN Green Day

Sekolah Rendah Rambai commemorated the ASEAN Green Day 2009 on the 8th August 2009 (Saturday) by organising activities for each cLass LeveL. The activities were as foLLows:

  • For pre-schooL: creating fLowers from used egg-trays
  • For Year 1: trace and draw Leaves
  • For Year 2: make posters of greens with water coLours
  • For Year 3: make posters using Leaves, sticks, etc
  • For Year 4: make modeLs from used cans
  • For Year 5: make modeLs from used pLastics
  • For Year 6: make modeL of greens using papers

Cikgu GhazLi, the headmaster, Later presented the winners with their prizes..Kudos to SR Rambai teachers for organising such amazing activities...Remember the 3Rs : Reduce, Re-use and RecycLe...

Save the greens for our pLanet.............