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Monday, 10 November 2008

WeLcome SRRT to the worLd of bLogging

SaLam wbt...It has been a whiLe since we have pLanned to create our own bLog..And so today, finaLLy when Cg Kani came to our schooL,and said that onLy our schooL haven't created one...

Today pupiLs are having their exams..It's their finaL year exam, and teachers are anxious for their resuLts Later, but pupiLs macam nada saja suL dorg..But they are not to be bLamed...They are stiLL too young to think of their future...

HopefuLLy, with the upcoming SPN21 project,pupiLs are abLe to become the next generation's Leader..

The pupiLs of SekoLah Rendah Rambai Tutong II