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Monday, 17 November 2008

PSR resuLts

This year's Rambai achieved its target to get 100% pass...weLL,we actuaLLy have one down,but since she was not counted into schooL passing percentage,so we get 100% pass La...But anyhow, she managed to get D's for the subjects except for Maths and GP...
ALhamduLiLLah,this happy news reaLLy excite us...
CongratuLations to aLL these kids...

CongratuLations to:

  1. Annuar RuzaiLina Zainuddin bin Md Zainuddin (5A)
  2. Md Nur Alif bin Abdullah (3A 2B)
  3. Khairunnisa Munirah binti Mahmud (2A 2B 1C)
  4. Raiezah binti Amat (2A 1B 2C)
  5. Md Hafiy Safi bin Md DahaLan (3B 2C)
  6. Suharni binti Eji (3B 1C 1D)
  7. Ardy Asmin bin Epit (3B 1C 1D)
  8. NuruL Hazrini binti Md Adnan (3D 2U)